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Grantwriting from the ground up

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Do you know people who are new to grantwriting? Maybe they’re a volunteer or work for a small, growing organization. Maybe they’re changing careers.

PSGA can help. On Wednesday, October 10th there is a specialized training for new grantwriters. Goodwin Deacon and I will spend the morning helping new grantwriters learn the basics. Think of it as a live overview of our book, Grantwriting for the Genius.

We guide you through the general make-up of an application, helping you see both what funders ask for and why they ask the questions they ask. There will be sections on finding funders, budgets, and creating LOIs…those letters that are often your first chance to introduce a request to a funder.

There’s still some room left for the session, which will be held in the 2100 Building (2100 24th Avenue South in Seattle). For more information and registration, here’s a link: Grantwriting from the ground up


Author: Ken Ristine

Over 40 years experience in the nonprofit sector; Senior Program Officer for a Pacific Northwest family foundation. Co-author with Goodwin Deacon of the recently published Grantsmanship for the Genius.

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